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    October 23rd at 5:06am
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    A gentle walk, then a coffee. Not a bad way to spend a showery spring day.

  • woowoowoo

    October 17th at 10:03am
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    Vyv looking sharp. So good to have my Pentax back and working. Shout out to @teds_cameras, an extended warranty that actually works!


    5 days ago
    So handsome!! Vyvikins :')


    7 days ago
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  • woowoowoo

    October 15th at 7:06am
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    Miinot, getting some summer love!

  • woowoowoo

    September 28th at 1:14pm

    Retail heaven

  • woowoowoo

    September 26th at 9:49am
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    Set a hot pace to beat this lot home tonight!


    27 days ago
    Heh, nice work, @thomask!


    28 days ago
    Haha yep me too! So hot I even had time to stop at IGA for beers to put the fire out
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  • woowoowoo

    September 21st at 11:20pm


    Excavation for the last of six tanks under Lincoln Square. Mesmerising.

  • woowoowoo

    September 15th at 4:01am



    1 month ago
    @ozavster slightly disappointing, they both tasted the same to me. Still, something for nothing, gift horses, etc. ;)


    1 month ago
    What flavour are the blue ones?
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  • woowoowoo

    September 11th at 5:43am

    I mean, how do you manage to lose a tripod overboard?
    What's more, these were brought up by a diver looking for another tripod and camera!

  • woowoowoo

    September 3rd at 11:44am
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    Corn on the cob, my favourite!

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