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I'm a 23 year old single mom to 2 precious toddlers and a hobby iPhone photographer & singer. I  IG for filling my life with even more beauty.

  • xfaerie

    June 22nd at 8:56pm
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    I always feel like I'm in The Shining when I take my kids for bike rides.

  • xfaerie

    August 31st at 7:25am
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    I wish I could be with you today, but I'm sure you'll have just as much fun with Papa & Sitto & I promise we'll celebrate your birthday this weekend. I love you, peanut. 

  • xfaerie

    August 31st at 7:24am
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    You've made every moment of the past 2 years full of love and joy. 

  • xfaerie

    August 31st at 7:22am
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    Happy 2nd birthday, Amelia!

  • xfaerie

    August 30th at 7:04pm
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    @starbucks  = 

  • xfaerie

    August 1st at 11:57pm
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    My therapist has such pretty things in her yard. #nofilter

  • xfaerie

    July 30th at 4:39pm
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  • xfaerie

    July 30th at 1:55am
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    I think I've got a thing for pink drinks…

  • xfaerie

    July 29th at 10:00pm
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  • xfaerie

    July 29th at 9:56pm
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    #5more shots of espresso 


    5 years ago
    I love starbucks! :)
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