Chiheng Puan @xomgx

  • xomgx

    January 13th at 3:11pm
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    Hotpot for 2!!!! #toomuchfood

  • xomgx

    January 12th at 4:33pm
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    Thank you for being there when it mattered in my childhood. Thank you for 25 years of music. #smap #nomoresmap


    5 days ago
    @xomgx omg! Smap split?!
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  • xomgx

    January 12th at 12:32pm
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    Barber: So how do you want your hair?
    Me: Hit me up with some of that left over milk from last night
    Barber: say no more fam

  • xomgx

    January 10th at 2:37pm
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    #Cries #iloveyoutooprincessleia

  • xomgx

    January 6th at 6:03am
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    Come here 拜拜

  • xomgx

    January 5th at 5:39am
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    Sometimes I wished I was a bowl of unadon #placethatillbringhertillold

  • xomgx

    January 2nd at 4:05pm
    13 3

    Thanks @slawy my love for getting me a new pair of headphones that's going to go a long long way! #hengandmel


    14 days ago
    @uberbeloved you are welcome!


    14 days ago
    hahaha we tried this too and think it's awesome 👍 @slawy thanks too lol


    15 days ago
    See you soon 😊
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  • xomgx

    January 2nd at 3:49am
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    Why do I have this fear that it's going to reach out and strangle me...?

  • xomgx

    January 2nd at 3:01am
    8 1



    16 days ago
    Pretty leh
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  • xomgx

    January 2nd at 2:29am
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    1st transaction for the year for the shop!

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