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✨Hello🇯🇵✨より元気な身体と精神を手に入れたい!人類の繁栄を願ってます!四国の香川県でねむたやという布団屋さんをしております。父と母は別宅。同い年の妻 小学生の10歳8歳、保育園の4歳の娘たちと暮らしてますJapanese 1982生まれ😎

  • yam_maruko

    January 13th at 3:43am

    I attested grade4!!
    I really enjoyed it!!

  • yam_maruko

    January 8th at 1:12pm
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    Grade 4 NED starts today.
    #sky #空 #イマソラ #HY空と山

  • yam_maruko

    January 6th at 3:35am

    I attested grade 3 !
    Grade 3 was amazing stuff for me. because I realized that one of my friend was actually a craftman who was making fake mask on himself, and I couldn't stop my laughing when I realized the fact that he had been making anxiety on others very well I recovered my power that I can control very fast and very deeply on the thing Also my interest was recovered and now I can see everything around me in brand new way. Thank you very much for everybody who has been helping me!


    16 days ago
    @naojooy これはたまたま翻訳してくれたんよ〜。勉強するわ〜☺️


    17 days ago
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  • yam_maruko

    January 4th at 1:31am

    I attested grade 2 !!
    It feels really good!!

  • yam_maruko

    December 30th at 2:10pm
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    日差しが差し込んできました #sky #空 #イマソラ #HY空と山

  • yam_maruko

    December 28th at 1:17pm
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    霧が出ています。 #sky #空 #イマソラ #HY空と山

  • yam_maruko

    December 26th at 4:26am

    I attested Grade 1.


    26 days ago


    28 days ago
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  • yam_maruko

    December 22nd at 12:59pm

    朝です #sky #空 #イマソラ #HY空と山


    1 month ago
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  • yam_maruko

    December 16th at 6:14pm
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    良い天気です #sky #空 #イマソラ #HY空と山

  • yam_maruko

    December 13th at 4:08pm

    良い天気です。 #sky #空 #イマソラ #Cielo #新旗艦大廈

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