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  • yunginternetgod

    April 29th at 10:33pm
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    free yo mind & ur ass will follow share and subscribe


    18 hours ago
    Thanks for posting this. I tried to send the original link to my son but 😮🔫 kids these days... #Truth " The mind is the hardest thing to free... However it's a subtle thing, to set free requires a much grosser approach. Freedom within will not come without freedom throughout"


    23 hours ago
    George Clinton >
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  • yunginternetgod

    April 29th at 1:19pm
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    they don't like you pocahontas

  • yunginternetgod

    April 23rd at 6:37pm
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    s/o to my obama bruhs


    6 days ago
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  • yunginternetgod

    April 23rd at 5:32am
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    Wish @hillaryclinton voters were forced to watch this
    Like I was forced to watch kids before loosing my virginity


    6 days ago


    6 days ago
    Kids aha such a great movie


    7 days ago
    The analogy


    7 days ago
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  • yunginternetgod

    April 14th at 1:50am
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    'playlist' of 9 new #nitezach tracks
    Avaible now on
    (link in bio)


    13 days ago


    13 days ago
    💯 Dope
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  • yunginternetgod

    April 7th at 6:52am
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    #trump #syria
    H/t lucas lynch

  • yunginternetgod

    April 7th at 1:31am
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    "your camo ain't gonna be good for shit when everythings dead and all the trees are gone" #traecrowder

  • yunginternetgod

    April 7th at 12:23am
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    rip #donrickles
    I'm laughing just as hard as @kingsthings watch both parts. 🖖

  • yunginternetgod

    April 6th at 3:28am
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    above is me (8y/o) trying to drop in for the first time W/ regular Rollerblades... S/O to dude who ran the westport skatepark cause he tried to help by taking my breaks off but then suggested I go get aggressive inlines and below is me with it proper @roces_official's this was before the invention of skatelight and got tons of wood splinters from these ramps penetrating my lil 3 foot 50 pound body... This summer I think I might start 'fruit booting' again.

  • yunginternetgod

    April 4th at 1:14am

    This is the best thing since Steve Stoute bought a full page ad in @nytimes to shit on the Grammy Awards... I hope he does the right thing... I can't believe these fucks in the house and senate passed this shit!


    27 days ago
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