Zhen jie Tan @zanzweiken

  • zanzweiken

    January 29th at 10:28am
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    "Korkor why you never post on instagram"
    Nah post liao

  • zanzweiken

    January 10th at 3:35pm
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    Lame ass attempt to arrange my lunch tml lol

  • zanzweiken

    December 2nd at 11:06am

    Le overpriced lazy egg meals..Tastes pretty good actually


    3 months ago
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  • zanzweiken

    November 26th at 11:01am

    Every year AFA spending becomes lesser..spoils for this year lol

  • zanzweiken

    November 26th at 10:33am

    Yearly ritual to end the year lol.this year machiam hospital tag..

  • zanzweiken

    October 26th at 12:06pm
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    Halloween calls for Halloween themed beer.=D

  • zanzweiken

    October 22nd at 5:15pm
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  • zanzweiken

    October 6th at 9:38am

    Johan bakery Halloween game iz stronk

  • zanzweiken

    July 11th at 6:53pm
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    セイラ シロタン 可愛いでしょ、先生からくれたお土産だ。

  • zanzweiken

    July 6th at 1:50pm
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    Call of Japan too stronk.Two Chirashidons in a week.。。誰か助けて

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