Zoe Schafer @zoeschafer

Toronto, ON

  • zoeschafer

    February 20th at 4:41pm

    Mom ❤


    2 days ago
    Best genes 😍
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  • zoeschafer

    February 14th at 11:01pm
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    Everyday is Valentine's with this QT 🙇🏼


    8 days ago
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  • zoeschafer

    February 12th at 1:24am

  • zoeschafer

    February 5th at 4:08am

    Let's taco bout how good Campechano is 🤤🌮 thanks @kenschafer !

  • zoeschafer

    January 29th at 5:09pm

    👼🏻 @ Toronto Light Festival

  • zoeschafer

    January 25th at 5:27pm
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    When I was 8, I witnessed a medical emergency and experienced my first panic attack. It's been 15 years, some worse than others, some with weekly therapy and some years with no therapy at all. It's been 15 years but when it hits, and it will and does - I feel like the scared, small girl, grasping to someone or something for comfort in this picture. 15 years, each one growing as a person and learning from my experiences. Anxiety can feel like such an isolating and lonely thing, but on days like today I feel a part of a group of incredibly strong and brave people, in a world that's a little more understanding and accepting every day. So here's to another 15 years, with bumps along the way - but more importantly with love and support in my life and for others ❤💙 #bellletstalk


    28 days ago
    Never ending love for you ❤


    28 days ago
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  • zoeschafer

    January 24th at 12:10am
    47 0


  • zoeschafer

    January 14th at 11:51pm
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    Dog is a man's best friend, but this beer is a close second.

  • zoeschafer

    January 3rd at 10:14pm
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    Puppy love

  • zoeschafer

    January 1st at 12:53am
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    Bye 2016 👋🏼

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